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Meet your SGA Class Representative!  Class Representatives are nominated and elected by their class at the beginning of their academic program.  The Class Rep is your link to SGA and the university administration. They are your voice on campus!

College of Nursing:

BSN Class of May 2014 – Christy Teller

BSN Class of December 2014 – Kathy Tbaba

BSN Class of May 2015 – Alexandria Herrera

BSN Class of December 2015 – Aaron Castilleja

School of Physical Therapy:

DPT Class of May 2014 – Nicole Sisson Turner

DPT Class of May 2015 – Marlou Macaraeg

DPT Class of May 2016 – Madyson Bond

School of Occupational Therapy:

MOT Class of Dec 2014 – Christina Halleck

MOT Class of Dec 2015 – Andrea Broussard

Contact your class rep by e-mailing

Is your class or program not represented?  E-mail SGA Advisor for more information on having a Class Representatve for your program!

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