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Welcome to SHS: Your Campus Health Partner

For medical emergencies please dial 9-911 (on campus) and 911 (off campus)

Be a Pioneer of your health and wellness, your academic success depends on you!   Your campus healthcare provider and resource while away from home and on campus.

All TWU students currently enrolled at TWU are eligible to be seen at Student Health Services.


What's New @ SHS:

Stay tuned for more information about the acceptance of health insurance at SHS for Fall 2015!

Student Health Services welcomes Dr. Charles Natalizio and the return of Dr. Margaret Basiliadis as Staff Physicians for TWU.

Student Health Patient Portal

Student Health Services offers 24-hour access to your health infomration from any computer to view immunization records and schedule select appointments in the clinic. Must be currently enrolled at TWU. More about “Student Health Patient Portal”...

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Criteria for Medical Excuse & Semester Withdrawal

Free Confidential HIV Testing

Free HIV testing at Student Health Services.  Please call 940-898-3833 or stop by to schedule an appointment.

Dating and STDs

Helpful Online Guide on STDs More about “Dating and STDs”...

Need  space to breastfeed?

 Click here

Needlestick & Bloodborne Exposure

Involved in a Needlestick and have the TWU Bloodborne Exposure insurance More about “Needlestick & Bloodborne Exposure”...

Your link to college health tips

Students and the Affordable Care Act

More about “Students and the Affordable Care Act”...