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2010-11 SenatorsTexas Woman’s University Student Senate strives to be the liaison between students, faculty and staff as a voice for the students by addressing issues, holding informational forums and finding solutions to campus related concerns. Student Senate encourages the development of leadership skills and the participation in campus and community activities while upholding the Senate Bylaws and Student Government Association Constitution.

The TWU Senate is the legislative branch of the Student Government Association (SGA) that gathers information from students, faculty and staff to create options and/or choices for rights and positions on campus. Submit Town Hall Forum QuestionsTWU Senate serves as a place where students can come and voice their opinion about things going on around campus to improve the University for everyone.

To address any questions or concerns please send all email communication to:

Senate By-Laws click here to download. 

Why be a part of the TWU Senate?

(Statements from former Senate members)

  • “I want to be a leader and help my classmates receive the knowledge they need to have about our University.”
  • “I am committed to the Senate making sure that our goals and opportunities are met head on.”
  • “To help build a better campus, set an example as a leader, and to promote leadership in a positive way so that others will want to get involved.”
  • “I like being involved, whether leading or following.”
  • “To help my student body with their issues.”

For more information please call 940.898.3650 or come by the Senate office located in the Student Union room 116E.

2011-2012 Student Senate Officers

Executive Board

President- Joleesia Berry
Vice President- Lupita Rico
Treasurer- Brianna Brown
Secretary- Wesley Parker
Public Affairs- Brenda Rios
Student Affairs- Gabriela Gutierrez


College of Nursing
Stacy Asonye
Emmanuela Nwora

College of Health Sciences
Amala Smith
Florence Trombly
Martha Mena
Ashlee` Peoples

College of Arts and Sciences
Roxanna Cabrera
Joshua Frisbie
Olivia Cervantes

College of Professional Education
Marie Corral
Vacant Position
Vacant Position
Vacant Position

Graduate School
Elliott Guerra
Kevin Callahan

Non- Traditional
Brandon Vance

Alex Rico

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