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What are the requirements for joining a NPC sorority?

In order to be eligible to join a sorority, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be enrolled in 12 hours at TWU at the time of recruitment.
  2. Though there is not a GPA requirement to participate in recruitment, each organization has a GPA requirement for membership.  This will be discussed during the recruitment process. * Please note that any hours including dual credit and your community college GPA will be considered instead of your high school GPA to determine eligibility.
  3. Shall not be, or ever have been, an initiated member of an NPC fraternity/sorority.
  4. Shall not have been a new member of an NPC group at TWU within the calendar year.
  5. Complete an application found through the registration link below.
  6. Upload (1) recent photo of yourself through the application process.
  7. PAY A NON-REFUNDABALE RECRUITMENT REGISTRATION FEE OF $30; this fee covers recruitment publications and a PNM T-shirt for Meet and Greet Day.

For more information about formal recruitment and how to register at Texas Woman’s University, please visit the following website.

 To register, go to:

2016 Sorority Recruitment Schedule-Potential New Members


Thursday, September 8

PNM Orientation

3:30pm                 Potential New Members begin to check-in for Orientation

4:00pm                 Potential New Members Orientation begins in SU 207

                             Welcome: NPC President – Caitlyn Hollywood

                             Recruitment Guide & Rho Gamma Overview: VP of Recruitment – Jordyn Kledas

                             FR Overview, Rules, etc – Caisha Jones

                             Fashion Show –Jordyn Kledas and Rho Gammas

                             Q&A/Closing : Advisers – Caisha Jones

5:00pm                 Chapter Room Tours – Rho Gammas

Friday, September 9

3:30pm                 Potential New Members meet with Rho Gammas at SU 207

5:00pm                 First Meet and Greet party begins  

6:00pm                 Second Meet and Greet party begins

7:00pm                 Third Meet and Greet party begins

8:00pm                 Fourth Meet and Greet party begins

                Parties are 40 minutes with a 20 minute passing period. 

9:00pm                 Potential New Members meet with Rho Gammas at SU 207 for brief closing

                *Will call PNMs who are released the following morning by 9am*

Saturday, September 10

1:00pm                 Potential New Members meet with Rho Gammas at Su 207

2:05pm                 First Philanthropy party begins

3:10pm                 Second Philanthropy party begins

4:15pm                 Third Philanthropy party begins               

5:20pm                 Fourth Philanthropy party begins

                Parties are 45 minutes with a 20 minute passing period

6:15pm                 PNMs meet with Rho Gammas for debriefing at Su 207

                *Will call PNMs who are released by 9pm*

Sunday, September 11

9:00am                 Potential New Members meet with Rho Gammas in Su 207

10:00am               First Preference party begins

11:10pm               Second Preference party begins

12:20pm               Third Preference party begins

                Parties are 50 minutes with a 20 minute passing period

                              Potential New Members make preference selections

                *Those that are released will be called by 4pm*

4:30pm                 Potential New Members arrive in the Student Union Purple Lounge

5:00pm                 Potential New Members receive bids at Student Union Purple Lounge

6:00pm                 Running to the Letters

                              Rho Gamma Reveal!!!


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