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Philanthropy Day- September 9, 2016 (1st Party)

On this day, potential new members will see more of the individuality and spirit of each sorority chapter.† More information on socials, finances, traditions, and history that make each sorority unique will be discussed. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and have fun!

Dress for†Meet and Greet†Day:
You will be wearing the Recruitment Shirt (you purchased as a part of your registration fee) provided at Open House and your choice of bottoms. Capri pants, crops, or jeans would be appropriate. Comfortable shoes or flip flops.

1st Party Attire1st Party Attire1st Party Attire1st Party Attire1st Party Attire

Philanthropy†Day- September 10, 2016 (2nd Party)

This day focuses on each sororityís community service program. This round will feature a presentation and activity specific to explaining the chapterís chosen philanthropy, its target group and history within the sorority. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and become familiar with the members in each chapter.

Dress for†Philanthropy Day:
Summer dresses, Business casual Capri-pants or knee length skirt with blouse. Comfortable shoes should be worn. * Remember you can change your shoes between parties to walk in. (i.e. pumps/wedges then flip-flops)* If you have a dress with spaghetti straps, please make sure to wear a cardigan.

2nd Party Attire2nd Party Attire

Preference- September 11, 2016 (3rd Party)

This is the final round of recruitment. This day is more formal and serious then previous. Sororities will give presentations that convey the core values and ideals held in esteem by its members. Potential New Memberís will get further insight into each chapterís sisterhood and should use this round to evaluate which chapter(s) she best fits into and what her preferred chapter(s) is.

Dress for Preference Day:
Formal event and oneís attire should reflect that. A dress that would be worn to a reception or banquet or dressy pants suit would be appropriate. Pumps/high heels, dress shoes are preferred. Please no flip flops or sandals. Dresses/skirts should be comfortable and an appropriate length to sit in. If you have a dress with spaghetti straps (or strapless), please wear a cardigan.

3rd Party Attire††

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