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Dr. Jyutika Mehta directs the Neurophysiology Lab located at The Stroke Center – Dallas. The main focus of the Neurophysiology Lab is to understand the neural correlates of speech and language disorders using electrophysiological techniques in adults and children. Current research involves investigating the efficacy of neuromodulation procedures such as Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) with behavioral and electrophysiological measures, specifically, event-related potentials (ERPs). 

Representative Publications:

  • Mehta, J., Jerger, J., Jerger, S., and Martin, J. (2009). Electrophysiological correlates of word comprehension: ERP and ICA analysis. International Journal of Audiology. 48(1): 1-11
  • Martin, J., Jerger, J., and Mehta, J. (2007). Divided attention and directed attention listening modes in children with dichotic deficits: An event-related potential study.  Journal of American Academy of Audiology, 18, 34-53
  • Jerger, S., Damian, M., Tye-Murray, N., Dougherty, M., Mehta, J., and Spence, M. (2006). Effects of childhood hearing loss on organization of semantic memory: Typicality and relatedness. Ear and Hearing, 27(6), 686-702

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