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Staff Resources

If you have ideas for additional resources for your work or professional development, please email the staff council. Thanks.

  • Staff Resource Guide 
  • Faculty Senate Staff Council will partner with the Faculty Senate on initiatives that affect both types of university employees.
  • Tech Talk - Free sessions from the TWU technology team
  • Human Resources
  • TWU Job Opportunities
  • Pioneer Success Survey

    Staff Training

    As Staff Council is made aware of campus-wide training events, we will post the information to our website.  There are several good sources available that we have listed below:

    Training Opportunities

    TWU Library

    The TWU Library occasionally offers workshops and training sessions for TWU Staff.  The Library will send emails to TWU Staff announcing these workshops.  Workshops and training sessions on specific topics, like Library Resources for Staff, may be available upon request. For more information, visity the Library website:


    The Association of Service and Support Employees of Texas Woman's University (ASSET) monthly meetings are another good source of information. For more information on upcoming meetings visit the ASSET website:

    Human Resources

    Human Resources offers Trainings and Performance Management.  For trainings available through Human Resources see:

    Webspinner's Guide

    The Web Designers who assist some of us in RedDot hold various trainings throughout the semester, follow this link: for more information on upcoming trainings.



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    Upcoming Events

    Staff Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 2:00 p.m. in Stoddard Hall, room 402.  Please note that the meeting time and place may change. 

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