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Credit Hours

57 semester credit hours approved by the studentís faculty advisor.

Required Core Courses

48 semester credit hours. Individual course plans may vary depending on a studentís background and prior academic preparation.

  • BUS 5133: Marketing Management
  • BUS 5433: Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 5453: Business Leadership
  • BUS 5523: Management and Organization
  • BUS 5663: Decision Making Tools and Techniques
  • BUS 5923: Global Business
  • BUS 5963: Management Operations
  • HSM 5003: Management of Health Services Organizations
  • HSM 5033: Health Services Human Resources Management
  • HSM 5043: Legal Foundations
  • HSM 5053: Quantitative Methods
  • HSM 5063: Financial Management
  • HSM 5183: Health Resources and Policy Analysis
  • HSM 5263: Advanced Financial Management
  • HSM 5903: Special Topics Ė Analysis and Management of Health in Populations
  • HSM 5933: Capstone Seminar


9 semester credit hours. Students, in consultation with their faculty advisor, will select three approved elective courses to obtain additional breadth or depth in a particular area of health systems management.

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