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The Graduate Certificate in Accounting is available to students who seek additional hours of Accounting coursework to enhance their professional work or to prepare to take the CPA exam.

Program Requirements

The program consists of 18 hours of graduate accounting classes.  Specific courses are listed below.

  • BUS 5903, Accounting Regulation
  • BUS 5423, Auditing
  • BUS 5473, Financial Statement Analysis (1 hour CPA Exam research credit)
  • BUS 5903, Accounting Ethics (required for CPA exam)
  • BUS 5483, Accounting for Management Control
  • BUS 5493, Accounting Theory (1 hour CPA Exam research credit)

BUS 5493, Accounting Theory, is the capstone course for the certificate.  It must be taken after completion of at least 4 other required courses.

TWU may offer additional graduate accounting courses. If offered, such courses may be substituted for the above courses, with the consent of your faculty advisor.


To be accepted into the Graduate Certificate in Accounting, an applicant must have completed the following courses or an equivalent course acceptable to the TWU SOM.

  • BUS 2043, Fundamentals of Accounting I
  • BUS 2053, Fundamentals of Accounting II
  • BUS 3063, Income Tax Accounting I
  • BUS 3023, Intermediate Accounting I
  • BUS 4423, Auditing

Locations & Format

Courses are offered either online or at the Denton campus. All Accounting courses will have a duration of the full semester.

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate Degree from Accredited University
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better
  • There are no GMAT or GRE requirements.
  • Apply to the University
  • Email resume to

U.S. Department of Education Gainful Employment Disclosure

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