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The primary objectives of the graduate degree programs offered in the School of Management are to produce intellectually well-developed graduates capable of responding to the changing needs of business, industry, health care, government, and education. The School of Management recognizes the worth of every graduate student in the University and strives to provide all students with learning opportunities that will assist them in discovering, using, and developing optimally their individual skills, perspectives, and knowledge.  A wide selection of course offerings permits the student to gain a comprehensive view of the fields of business and economics.

The School of Management offers two degree programs:  Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master’s in Health Systems Management (MHSM). The courses associated with these degrees may be used in a variety of combinations to complete the courses of study outlined below. The courses associated with these degrees may be offered in any three formats:  Face to Face, Online and Hybrid (a combination of Face to Face and Online). Most Hybrid courses are five weeks long, allowing students to focus on one subject at a time!

Master of Business Administration

Master of Health Systems Management (MHSM)

Dual Degree

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