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  1. How long will it take to complete the EMBA program?
    The program is structured so students can graduate in 15 - 16 months while continuing to work full-time.
  2. How many credits and courses are required for graduation?
    36 credit hours (12 courses of 3 credits each) are required.
  3. Is there a requirement for an entrance exam?
    No, the GRE and GMAT have not proven to be a predictor of student success and have been currently been suspended.
  4. Are any course prerequisites needed before entering the program?
    No, there are no prerequisites.
  5. Do I need an undergraduate degree in Business to enter this program?
    No, an undergraduate degree from an accredited university is sufficient.
  6. If I had a GPA of 3.0 or lower as an undergraduate, will the school consider my application?
    If your GPA was low, your completed file will be evaluated by an Admissions Panel. They will make recommendations regarding your admission into the program.
  7. What is the requirement to gain admission to this program?
    Five years of managerial experience is required. Apply online with a $30 non-refundable fee. Also, supply official transcripts, current resume, and two letters of recommendation.
  8. How can I speed up the process of reviewing my application?
    The process cannot proceed until you have provided the University with all required information. Original transcripts (no photocopies) must be submitted before your application is completed – therefore contact your undergraduate school(s) as soon as possible.
  9. Can I transfer credits from other institutions to this program?
    Yes, as long as the scores are not more than five years old. A maximum of two courses or six credit hours may be transferred into the program.
  10. How will I know I am accepted into the program?
    You will receive an admissions letter from the TWU Graduate School indicating your status.
  11. What degree will I have when I finish the EMBA program?
    MBA – Masters of Business Administration degree
  12. Is this program designed for women only?
    No, this program is specially designed for working professionals. Both men and woman participate.
  13. How much is the tuition for this program?
    You will pay regular university tuition and fees with no added premiums. Therefore, each course of 3 credit hours costs approximately about $945 based on instate tuition rates. Don’t forget to ask your current employer about education reimbursement or look into financial aid.
  14. Are the classes 100% online?
    This program is delivered through a combination of 51% online distance learning and 49% classroom instruction.
  15. What is the format for the EMBA program?
    It consists of three consecutive course modules in each term. Classes are a blend of online learning with three Saturday sessions from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Classes are offered in six week modules.
  16. Where will my classes be held?
    Courses are held at several locations for your convenience: Ft. Worth, Plano, and in Houston, Texas.
  17. Can I manage to study this program if I work full-time?
    Yes. The program is geared towards the working professional. The flexible course schedules allow you to maintain your regular work schedule as well as personal life commitments.
  18. How many hours are considered full-time?
    Full-time graduate studies are nine hours a semester including summer sessions.
  19. Can I exceed nine hours in a semester?
    To take more than nine hours in any one semester the student must be approved by the department and faculty advisor.
  20. What if I do not follow the module?
    Classes taken out of sequence may cause scheduling issues for the student as he or she progresses. Whenever possible, please follow the suggested module for starting classes. We recommend the following classes to start:
    • Bus 5523: Management and Organizations
    • Bus 5663: Managerial Decision Making
    • Bus 5933: Business Ethics
  21. Who should I contact for information?
    You can call us directly at (940) 898-2121, Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm or email

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