TWU School of Management recognizes Alumni, who have graduated and accomplished much in their professional lives. Inspiration plays a major role in what we do best at TWU School of Management and through these testimonials; future students begin to see their own educational journey, knowing we’re here to encourage them along the way. 

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TWU alumnus Olen Freeman sitting on a stone wall with a cathedral in the background.

Olen Freeman ‘16

When Olen Freeman researched MBA programs across North Texas, he decided on TWU’s School of Management’s MBA Executive Track for three reasons:

  • Availability of online classes
  • Cost
  • A straight-forward progression to graduation, with no surprises

“I enjoyed my learning at TWU because of the programs focus on human interaction along with an emphasis on group projects, which was a total shift in paradigm from my undergraduate degree as a computer science major,” Freeman said.

Freeman serves as a senior web application developer for the North Texas Tollway Authority in Plano, Texas. Already, he has seen the benefits of his education and how it applies to the workplace. “I’m able to see the bigger picture through varying lenses to choose the path that best fits the situation. The instruction prepared me for managing employees and projects in the future as well as in my current role.”

Freeman’s recommendations to MBA students include really understanding the course material, being open to learning from your classmates as well as the professors, and appreciating the need for proper research.

“So many businesses fail due to the lack of what goes into the bottom line - accounting, finance, economics and solid managerial decision making,” he said. “TWU’s School of Management professors, such as Dr. John Nugent (accounting) and Judge Jo Ann Reyes (economics), helped me develop a better understanding of the business world. I am a better person because of their investment in me.”

TWU School of Management alumni Bryan Johnston

Bryan Johnston '16

“A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”  – Walter Bagehot

After earning his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at TWU in 2013, Bryan Johnston (MBA Executive Track – ’16) decided to pursue his MBA at Texas Woman’s. However, he was told by others outside the School of Management he would not succeed because he did not have a business background. Johnston was determined to prove his naysayers wrong and did so in December 2016 when he graduated from TWU’s MBA Executive Track program with a 3.5 GPA.

Following a 12-year military career in the U.S. Army and Navy, Johnston knew he could take on any challenge put before him. Johnston gives credit to TWU’s School of Management faculty and staff for their support, as well that from his wife of 11 years, Asilynne.

Johnston gives this advice to students: “Choose your groups wisely. Include a veteran or an older student in the mix, because they will see you through to the end of the project and will add experience to the conversations that you might not find elsewhere.”

Alishia Spriggins '11

It was a unique combination of fate and faith that brought Alishia Spriggins back to Texas and eventually to the MBA program at TWU School of Management. When an opportunity to go back to school and retool professionally became a reality - by meeting the right person, at the right time, with the right mindset at an educational event where TWU alumni recommended the MBA program and spoke of its flexibility and affordability.

“What I appreciated most as a student was seeing the potential in classmates and how their unique perspective impacted my thinking as a financial analyst. Now I ask questions and see situations from a different angle and/or lenses to move business strategy to customers through talent management serving as an organizational development program manager at FedEx.” says Alishia.

TWU School of Management students are known for “paying it forward” to others less fortunate and Alishia is no exception, in her spare time she teaches money management programs to socially disadvantaged individuals through her church and local YWCA in Dallas. Because she feels helping others develop a budget and getting their finances in order is a priority worth supporting.

Portrait of Michelle Prudhomme-Coleman, wearing a dark jacket and blue shirt

Michelle Prudhomme-Coleman ‘16

Michelle’s greatest strength is her ability to effectively communicate across individual differences. She is especially proud of the opportunity she has to use her experiences and training to help educate and inform others about diversity and inclusion issues that are impacting businesses, educational institutions and individuals around the world.

When asked, what compelled you to pursue an MBA at TWU School of Management; she replied “The Pioneering Spirit, and the desire to grow in my business acumen and to take my career to the next level as a leader. Being a graduate student offers the excitement of being cultivated as a colleague.”

Michelle, now working on her Ph.D. in Sociology, is not myopic in her learning as she appreciates the open-endedness of knowledge. Currently Michelle serves as Associate Director, TWU Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Outreach and was recently named one of Diversity MBA Magazine’s Top 100 Diverse Executive and Emerging Leaders.

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