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Doctoral Curriculum

Total Semester Hours: 91

Master's Hours: 30 semester hours, either taken at TWU or transferred from another accredited institution

Doctoral Program hour requirements beyond the master's degree: 61 hours

Core Sociology Courses (16 hours)

  • Proseminar in Sociology (1 semester hour)
  • Classical Sociological Theory: Doctoral Level
  • Contemporary Sociological Theory: Doctoral Level
  • Intermediate Social Statistics (or Multivariate Analysis)
  • Quantitative Methods and Design
  • Qualitative Methods

Independent studies cannot be counted toward the core sociology classes. Core sociology courses may be taken at TWU and/or UNT.

Major/First Area (12 semester hours with SOCI prefix, taken at TWU or UNT)

  • Students must select one of the following three areas of concentration: Social Stratification/Inequality, Global and Comparative Sociology, and Sociology of Health and Illness. The core course in the selected area of concentration is required. Independent study courses may not be counted toward this area.
Minor/Second Area (12 semester hours)
  • The 12 hours may be in sociology, another academic discipline, or a certificate program. No more than three hours of independent study may contribute to this area.
Electives (9 semester hours)
  • The electives must have an SOCI prefix.
Dissertation (12 semester hours)

Tools (12 semester hours)
  • All 12 hours may be "double dipped" from the above core methods/statistics courses or other methods/statistics or pedagogy courses.
  • Six of these 12 hours must be in one of the following areas: statistics, research methods, pedagogy, information retrieval, or foreign language, and the other six hours may be across two other areas.
  • Major/First Area Exam: Developed and administered by the student's advisory committee.
  • Minor/Second Area Exam: Developed and administered by the student's advisory committee.
Transferred Hours
  • Upon approval of their advisory committee, students can transfer up to half (45 hours) of the required credit hours from accredited institutions for their Ph.D degree. Transfer normally takes place when a student files his or her degree plan upon the completion of 18 credit hours.

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