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Hi, my name is Vicki Garza.  I am a recent graduate of TWU and Child Protective Service Academy.  Now I am full time employee of the state of Texas as Caseworker for Child Protective Services. While going through the Academy helps to understand the history of how evolved has evolved in its protection of children.  It also gives individuals knowledge and some basic skills from instructors who have been there, done that work.  Their vast knowledge will help others to understand the big responsibility we have to keep children safe and secure.  Academy can only give a person so much.  Once in the field and a person begins to receive cases, realization is that this position is a calling; it’s not for everyone.  Staying on tasks and be organized from the beginning will save many a heart ache.  Even through the chaos, I sometime feel this over whelming joy of knowing I am helping somehow to ensure children are secure and safe. 

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