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My name is Stephanie Chavez. Thus far I have been lucky enough to receive my own offices, computer, and phone, but I hear that this is rare.  My On the Job Training (OJT) office is located in Tarrant County on Camp Bowie Blvd and my specialty track training will consist of Conservatorship or on-going casework.  This means that I will be assigned cases following the investigation stage and becoming the primary worker for both the children involved and the parents/guardians. My job will in a sense be to offer any services to the family in order to obtain safe and secure permanency and well-being for the children.  Someday soon I will be someone’s CVS caseworker.  Someone to protect the unprotected, find ways to get it done, manage outcomes, focus on customer service (clients), and value our people (everyone).  I am becoming DFPS!

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