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The Child Placement Unit is making a big change in CPS!  Assembled in March 2005, we are a new program and a new idea!  My team of seven coordinators are responsible for finding all of the foster children in Region 3 (consisting of Dallas, Fort Worth and 17 outlying counties) temporary and/or long-term foster homes. The Region 3 Child Placement Team is the busiest unit in the state, matching between 650-800 children every month to their homes! 

Our primary goal is to keep siblings together in the same home.  We continuously accomplish this goal as we have the highest percentage in the Nation of keeping sibling groups intact!  During our recent wide area surveys, of all the groups that were contacted, 100% were placed with at least one sibling!

When possible, we allow our teenage foster children to choose their home (when more than one option is available).  We also ask the children, “What do you want in a home?”  We have discovered that when children feel that they have choices, they are more likely to be successful in their placement.

I am privileged to work with foster parents, caseworkers, guardian-ad-litems, and psychiatric hospital social workers. Being a Child Placement Coordinator is a position that does not involve direct contact with our children.  However, every day I am given a new opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child.

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