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I have been an official employee of CPS for about a month. I currently have six cases and I am definitely getting my feet wet when it comes to legal actions. Many of my cases are moving quickly and I hope to be taking on more soon. I love my unit! Even with only six cases, my supervisor is a huge help and I couldn't do it without my unit! The benefits are great and long lasting because not only do you start right out of college with a steady, great job, you can also use that information for any other activities or career paths you may decide to follow later in life. I have high hopes for my future with CPS and I can't wait to see what's ahead!

Some quick advice to incoming students: PAY ATTENTION IN TRAINING. Specifically, pay attention to deadlines, court processes, and accessing resources. There are so many things that happen in a case that if you don't start with a good ground it is difficult to gain it. Also, things that you might want to ask how to do is for each deadline what do you need and how far in advance! During your training DON'T BE AFRAID TO JUMP IN! Ask questions about everything, even when you aren't sure what to ask!!!

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