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The Master of Library Science degree program at Texas Woman's University is accredited by the American Library Association Committee on Accreditation, with the status of Continued accreditation. The next comprehensive review visit is scheduled for Spring 2017.

Graduates of the dual degree program will earn two degrees: the Master of Library Science and the Master of Science in Health Studies. The degree programs are available entirely online.

The School of Library and Information Studies prepares professionals for leadership roles in the information professions and as information specialists in private and public agencies. The Department of Health Studies, College of Health Sciences, prepares students for leadership positions in the disciplines of health education and health promotion.  

Graduates find positions in: 

  • Health sciences information services
  • Health education 
  • Medical libraries 
  • Health promotion programs in business and industry 
  • Voluntary and public health agencies

 Total hours: 54

 Steps to Admission

1. Apply to the TWU Graduate School.

  • No standard test score is required if your undergraduate GPA is 3.0 or above, or if you have another graduate degree.
  • If your undergraduate GPA is below 3.0, you are required to submit an official standardized test score as part of the application to the Graduate School.  Official test scores are accepted from the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT or Miller Analogies Test (MAT).  

2. Apply to SLIS. Only complete application packets will be considered. Applicants are responsible for keeping their contact information current. Submit the following materials, in a single, complete mailing, to TWU SLIS, PO Box 425438, Denton, TX 76204-5438.

  • SLIS application form (fillable PDF form; Chrome browser recommended). Please indicate on the form that you plan to pursue the Dual Degree.  
  • A resume
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • A 2-page statement of intent (your professional goals and career interests)

3. Apply to the Department of Health Studies.  

SLIS Application Deadlines

  • MLS applications continue to be accepted until all available spaces are filled.
  • The preferred SLIS application deadlines are July 1 for the Fall semester, December 1 for the Spring semester, and May 1 for the Summer semester.

 Required Library Science Courses: 24 hours

  • LS 5083 Foundations of Library and Information Studies
  • LS 5013 Information Organization and Retrieval 
  • LS 5043 Information and Communication Technology
  • LS 5003 Collection Development
  • LS 5363 Health Sciences Information Resources
  • LS 5473 Health Reference Information Sources and Services
  • LS 5483 Consumer Health Information Resources
  • LS 5843 Practicum

Required Health Studies Courses: 24 hours

  • HS 5413 Current Issues in Health Studies
  • HS 5353 Epidemiology 
  • HS 6443 Foundations of Health Science
  • HS 5423 Ethnic and Cultural Factors in Health Decisions
  • HS 6453 Strategies in Health Education Delivery
  • HS 5383 Program Development and Coordination
  • HS 5013 Data Collection
  • HS 5023 Methods in Health Education Research

One Health Studies Elective Course: 3 hours

Additional Dual Degree Requirements: Graduate level statistics course (3 hours) 

Contact Information

For questions on the SLIS admissions process, please contact Ms. Brenda Mallory in the SLIS office at 940-898-2602, or For Health Studies admissions questions, please contact Mr. Jason Torres at 940-898-2864, or submit the Health Studies Inquiry Form.  

For questions regarding the Dual Master's Program, please contact:

Dr. Carol Perryman
Assistant Professor
School of Library and Information Studies


Dr. Russel Braga
Program Director
Department of Health Studies

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