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When you login to your computer you will now have access to network storage space. Network storage capability for all faculty and staff is available through the X drive development and implementation. All faculty and staff have a 3 GB limit for the My Personal folder. Students interested in their file storeage, should look under Student File Storage.

The X drive provides you with:

  • Personal network storage that is backed up nightly to tape media off-site.
  • Departmentally shared network storage that is also backed up nightly.
  • Any other shared network storage that you have access to already.
  • Personal web space to create personal web site.
  • Off-site availability to your personal and departmental network files.

Inside your X drive you will see:

The My Shared folder stores all departmental information to which you have access. Inside 'My Shared' folder you can find your departmental folder. Anything located in these departmental shared folders is read/write accessible to everyone in your department.

There is also a MyWeb folder for web site file storage. Web files must be stored in the My Web folder to be viewable online. The url for accessing your web files is: You must type in the whole thing, otherwise you will get a page cannot be displayed error.

The My Personal Folder is for your personal files. This folder functions well as a holding facility for those documents you are working on that are not ready to go to the departmental share folder. You may also use My Personal folder to keep your own documents.

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