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One of the benefits to studying and working at TWU are that the University and the Office of Technology have created partnerships and relationships that get you discounts on software purchases, new computers, and lower rates on your mobile phone plans! We’ll detail how these work below. As always, please contact the Service Desk if you have questions about the discounts.

Support note: TWU and the Technology Service Desk cannot provide support on non-TWU equipment and property, meaning computers and software not wholly owned by the University. Anything purchased with your personal funds or installed on your personal technology will have to be supported by the vendor that sold it or the company that made it. Students may, however, take advantage of the STAR program, where student workers provide assistance to students and their technology.

Antivirus Software

Symantec Endpoint Security is used on all computers here at TWU. Endpoint is a corporate-grade solution that provides the highest possible level of protection. The Office of Technology is proud to offer faculty and staff a free copy of Endpoint to protect your personal Windows computer. Click the links below to download the software for your version of Windows. (How to Tell)

On student computers running Windows XP, Vista, or 7, we recommend you install Microsoft Security Essentials, which is a very respectable and free antivirus from Microsoft. Windows 8 computers have an advanced version of Microsoft Defender built into them which serves the same role as Security Essentials and other antivirus products.

For Apple computers, we are unable to provide Endpoint, so instead we recommend that you install a free antivirus program. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and later.

Personal Software

Would you like to buy a copy of Office through the University and pay a lot less than you would at the stores? How about SPSS or some other program vital to your major? We can help with that! You may go to E-Academy OnTheHub, who offers discounted software prices to our students, faculty and staff. To go to the store, click this link, or for full first-time use and account creation instructions see this page.

Computers, Tablets, and Accessories

Need a new PC, a MacBook, or tablet? TWU has arranged discounted pricing with the companies linked below. To take advantage of the discounts, you must click into the stores from these links, and you will need to setup an account at the sites using your TWU email address. Please note that the discounts listed may be higher or lower than in-store or internet sale prices. We highly recommend that you utilize the links as an additional resource in your quest to purchase hardware. Coupon codes may not be allowed in conjunction with the discounts; contact each company’s sales support for details or with questions. Apple discounts are mainly on computers.

TWU’s current minimum recommended specs for new personal computers are as follows:

  • CPU: Intel i5
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Hard Drive: 500GB 7200RPM normal drive or 128GB SSD (solid-state drive)
  • Wireless card: compatible with “a/b/g” networks

In addition, we highly recommend that you install an antivirus program immediately on all computers, whether Windows or Apple, as they both can be easily infected with viruses and malware. See above for antivirus downloads.

Mobile Phone Discounts

AT&T and TWU have created a discount program for employees that may be accessed at this site: AT&T Wireless for TWU. You may put the discount on your existing AT&T service or move your number to them. There will be a one-time fee charged to your account when you initiate the discount. Phones and devices are offered under the normal terms and prices for AT&T customers.

The other mobile phone providers also usually offer discounted rates to TWU employees, since our employees are also state employees. To see if you can receive a discount on your service, simply call customer service for your provider and ask if they offer a discount to Texas Woman’s University or State of Texas employees. They may ask you to provide verification or your employment status.

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