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Your email account is created automatically when you create your Pioneer Portal account. Email is available on and off campus via your Pioneer Portal account.

All TWU communication is sent through your Portal email. If you do not check your Portal email you MUST forward it to another account. You may do so by logging into Pioneer Portal, clicking "My Settings," then "Forward/Unforward my email.

To access your email from the web (on and off campus):

  1. Log in to Portal, then click on My Email.
    • A new page will load.
  2. In the "" box, type in your username followed by "".
    • For example,
  3. In the "Password:" box, type in your Portal password.
  4. Click Sign In.


Email on Mobile Devices

You can set up your mobile device to check your TWU email account. Mobile devices come in many different varieties, and we are unable to post step-by-step instructions for every device. However, most all mobile devices ask for the same information. Here is the information you will need to set up your account:
  • Server Name:
  • Domain Name: Pioneer if you are a student, FS if you are faculty or staff.
  • Server Type: Microsoft Exchange (not POP or IMAP)
  • Use SSL?: Yes (This is usually a checkbox.)
  • Username: Same as for Portal - do not add "" to the end of the username.

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