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A number of resources are available to students, faculty, and staff seeking to improve their technology skills and keep abreast of current technology trends:

Software Training

Learn new software skills at your convenience! 24-7 on-demand software training is available to all students, faculty, and staff at TWU through This service provides in-depth, step-by-step training videos on a broad array of topics. Watch as much or as little as you prefer whenever and wherever is best for you using your computer or mobile device. Each training video is broken down into 'chapters' and sections that can be watched separately or all at once as needed. Many topics will also provide a 'certificate of completion' when you have finished watching all of a training video.

So what kinds of software can you get training on? Google Apps, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Maya, Mac OS, Word, Premiere Pro, SharePoint, Sountrack Pro, Acrobat, Ruby on Rails, HTML, PowerPoint, Windows, Final Cut Pro, iWork, WordPress, CSS, InDesign, Flex, Aperture, XML, Podcasting, Painter, Twitter, Acrobat, Photography, Facebook, Pro Tools, iPhone, FileMaker Pro, Outlook, iPad, Motion, Keynote, Excel, moodle, Project, AutoAD, Silverlight, GarageBand, SQL, After Effects...and much more! Click here to create your free account. (you must use your TWU email address)

Blackboard Training

New to Blackboard or need to learn more about how to use it? We highly recommend the 1-hour Essential Training for Students and Essential Training for Instructors (7-hours, but worth it!) In addition to these great on-demand trainings, the department of Teaching and Learning with Technology provides pedagogical guidance to faculty and graduate students through webinars and face-to-face workshops. They also lead faculty through the Quality Matters program for online courses. Visit Teaching and Learning with Technology for more information on their programs.

Security Training

Computer and data security is important at all levels of TWU. Employees are required to take a short online course to learn about security best practices and must refresh their security knowledge on an annual basis. Also, keep an eye out for the monthly TWU Information Security Awareness newsletter to keep informed on important security news and issues.

Tech Talks

Tech Talks are a forum in which to learn about current technology topics that are relevant to you - from new software releases to social media to technology and society. A new Tech Talk is presented monthly during the academic year - each consists of a presentation and interactive Q&A. Visit the Tech Talks page to see the upcoming schedule, as well as recordings of past presentations.

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