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Personal Software Purchasing Instructions

Would you like to buy a copy of Office through the University and pay a lot less than you would at the stores? How about SPSS or some other program vital to your major? We can help with that! TWU has partnered with E-Academy OnTheHub, who offers discounted software prices to our students, faculty and staff. To buy from them, you have to create an account using your TWU email address (that’s how they know you are with TWU).  Here’s how it all works:

1.     Click this link to access the E-Academy software store: 
        Purchase Software

2.     Login to the site (click the ‘Sign In’ link in the upper-right), or 
        create your account as follows:

      • Click the ‘Sign In’ link on any page and then click the ‘Register’ button.

      • Choose ‘I have an institution issued email address’ and click ‘Continue’. Enter your email address and click ‘Continue’.
      • Enter your name, create a strong password, specify which group you are in, and then click the ‘Register’ button. E-Academy will send a confirmation email to you containing a link that you must click on. When received, click the link and your account is now active and verified, so you may now sign in. If you don’t receive the confirmation email within 5 minutes, go back to the registration screen and click the ‘Resend Confirmation Email’ button.

3.     There are 2 tabs: one for Students and one for Faculty/Staff. 
        Click the one that applies to you.

4.     There are 2 tabs: one for Students and one for Faculty/Staff. 
        Click the one that applies to you.

5.     Once you have selected the software you want to purchase, 
        you will click on ‘Shopping Cart’ in the upper-right of any page.

6.     During checkout, you will need to choose the "delivery" option 
        during checkout-some software can be downloaded, while 
        some can be mailed to you on a DVD.  It is important to keep 
        the software in case you everneed to reinstall it in the future. 

7.     If you are asked to choose a 32-bit or 64-bit version of a 
        program, here is how to tell which one your computer needs:

8.     Once you have paid, look for any Product Keys or Serial 
        Numbers on the screen. These are the most important 
        thing you just bought
; without these, the software cannot 
        be activated or used. Print these, then copy them and email 
        them to yourself.

9.     Install the software using the instructions provided with the 

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