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Texas Woman's University is a community of educators engaged in the pursuit and sharing of knowledge through teaching, scholarship, and service.    Faculty governance at Texas Woman's University functions under the Constitution and accompanying Bylaws set forth by the Faculty Senate. 

The most recent version of the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws are available for download, by clicking here.  Hardcopies of the document may be secured via the Faculty Senate Office.

page updated 5/24/2016 10:21 AM

Faculty Senate Officers 2016-2017


Jeffrey Robb 


Joel Muro, Secretary

Speaker Pro Tem

Joel Muro


Agatha Beins

Delegate to the
Texas Council of
Faculty Senates:

Ludovic Sourdot, Delegate to the Texas Council of Faculty Senates

Ludovic A. Sourdot


General Sessions
Tentative until Senate approval:

September 9, 2016
October 7, 2016
November 11, 2016
December 2, 2016
January 20, 2017
February 10, 2017
March 10, 2017
April 7, 2017
May 5, 2017

All meetings begin at 10am.
Please check meeting
schedule for locations.

For additional
information, contact:

Misty Chance
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Faculty Senate