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Risk Management provides training on a number of Environmental, Safety & Health (ES&H) topics to the University community.  ES&H training is designed to address potential hazards that employees are likely to encounter when performing their duties, as well as describing applicable rules and procedures.  The effectiveness of an employee ES&H training program is measured by safe and competent job performance, and compliance with applicable regulations.

Employee training is available in several formats, including formal classroom training, online training, and on the job training provided by supervisiors.

Applicable Training Determination

It is the responsibility of employee supervisors and departmental Additional Duty Safety Officers (ADSOs) to analyze each position description in his/her area of responsibility and identify applicable training requirements. The analysis should consider all of potential hazards of the job, and which training may be applicable as a result.  Risk Management has developed a ES&H Training Applicability Checklist to assist in conducting this determination.  Risk Management has recently begun competing the Applicability Checklist with new employees during the Human Resources New Employee Orientation.  Please contact Risk Management for assistance in determining what training is required for each position and/or task within your area of responsibility.

Classroom Training

Empty ClassroomClassroom training sessions are generally presented by Risk Management; and may include videos, presentations, and hands-on exercises.  Classroom training may also be presented by Additional Duty Safety Officers (ADSOs) or supervisors in departmental meetings to meet ES&H training requirements.

Online Training (Blackboard)

Blackboard LogoMany training courses are available in a computer-based format. The training involves viewing a PowerPoint presentation or video, followed by the completion of a brief quiz in the "Blackboard" system.  The link below will take you to the Blackboard log in page.  All online ES&H courses that are currently available can be found in the Risk Management "organization" within Blackboard.  Below is also a link to instructions for enrolling in the Risk Mangement organization, which is a one-time process necessary to gain access to the ES&H training.

Training Videos

Risk Management maintains a fairly extensive library of training videos for use by the University Community.  In addition, some of the training sessions presented by Risk Management have been filmed and are available online.  Contact Risk Management for more information about available videos.

Training Certificates

Training certificates for most ES&H training courses will no longer be issued.  Risk Management will still maintain records of completed training.  If you need proof of training completion for online courses, print the final screen showing the grade your received.  For documentation of classroom training completion, contact Risk Management.

Training Acknowledgement Form

Supervisors or ADSOs who conduct training need to create proper documentation.  To properly document such department provided training sessions, record training attendance using the Training Acknowledgement Form or similar sign-in sheets.  Forward the completed forms or sign-in sheets to Risk Management for inclusion in the training completion database.

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