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The EarthTexas Woman's University is subject to a number of federal, state and local rules and regulations related to the University's impact on the natural environment.  TWU has instituted various policies and procedures to meet these requirements.  Examples of areas where the University could impact the environment include the disposal of wastes, discharge of waste water, air emissions, chemical/material storage, and storm water discharge. 

Going GreenTexas Woman's University also strives to reduce its impact on the environment above and beyond what is required by law.  To learn more about TWU's efforts to green our campuses, visit the TWU Going Green webpage.

A number of Environmental Management programs are in the process of being developed or revised.  As the programs are finalized, links to their pages will appear below.

Environmental Management Programs

The above Environmental Management programs are developed under the authority of University Policy 6.02.  Policy 6.02 refers to the "Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health Manual" which is in the process of being replaced by the procedures maintained here on the Risk Management web site.

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