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  • 5/12/15: Tim Wentrcek has joined Risk Management, filling the new Coordinator, Environmental, Safety & Health position. Welcome Tim!
  • 2/16/15: New Severe Weather page
  • 1/29/15: Several updates to the web site:
  • 11/7/14: TWU's Safety Officer, Eric Hutmacher, has unfortunately left Risk Management and TWU. We wish him the best of luck at his new position with the City of Lewisville! Rockie Young recently joined Risk Management, filling the recently created Risk Management Technician position. Rockie previously worked for TWU DPS as a Guard. You will likely see Rockie out and about conducting inspections of fire extinguishers and other critical life safety equipment...welcome Rockie!
  • 7/31/14: New Chemical Hygiene/Laboratory Safety page added describing minimum health and safety requirements applicable to all TWU labs.
  • 1/23/14: New Fire Wall and Fire Damper page added explaining required procedures for penetating fire walls and protecting fire dampers.
  • 1/23/14: New Asbestos Safety page added!
  • 1/23/14: Updated Stormwater Management information in response to our new permit application.

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