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2014-2015 Undergraduate Research Microgrant Program

The Undergraduate Research Microgrant Program is designed to facilitate research partnerships between undergraduate students and TWU faculty and follows the Council on Undergraduate Research's definition of “undergraduate research” as:  An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original  intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.  This definition includes all scholarly and creative activity appropriate to any discipline in the University. The awardees are currently-enrolled TWU undergraduates with a declared major and in good academic standing.  Mentors are TWU faculty who have shown success in mentoring undergraduate students and have an ongoing scholarly program.  Each successful student applicant received $2,000 in support of research efforts; the faculty mentors received $500 each to be used for expenses related to the student’s research.

The twelve awardees, their faculty mentors, and project titles are:

Ms. Meghan Berthold & Dr. Mary Anderson (Chemistry & Biochemistry), "Exploring the Origins of Allostery: Experimental Point Mutations in the A-loop of Human Glutathione Synthetase;"

Ms. Dakota Chidester, Dr. Lisa Silliman-French & Dr. Brandon R. Rigby (Kinesiology),"A Comparison of the Cardiovascular and Biomechanical Changes with Therapeutic Horseback Riding and Simulated Horseback Riding in Youth with Disabilities;"

Ms. Dinu Dixon & Dr. Camelia Maier (Biology), "Screening Euphorbia Bicolor Extracts for Estrogenic and Anti-estrogenic Activities;"

Mr. Michael Duplanty & Dr. Nasrin Mirsaleh Kohan (Chemistry & Biochemistry), "Investigating Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering of  Chemotherapeutic Drugs and their Interactions with DNA; "

Ms. Courtney Christine Johnson & Dr. Richard Sheardy (Chemistry & Biochemistry), "Thermodynamics of DNA i-motifs;"

Ms. Elizabeth Journey & Dr. Parakat Vijayagopal (Nutrition & Food Sciences), "Curcumin and Markers of Inflammation;"

Ms. Bless Onaiwu & Dr. Lynda Uphouse (Biology), "Fluoxetine's Effects on Sexually Experienced Rats;"

Ms. Desiree Patterson & Dr. Nancy DiMarco (Kinesiology and Nutrition & Food Sciences), "Connection between Type I Diabetes in Parents and Vitamin D Deficiency in their Offspring;"

Ms. Kristin Rhoden & Dr. DiAnna Hynds (Biology), "Effect of Expressing Non-prenylatable RhoA and Rac1 on Cofilin Activation;"

Ms. Esmeralda Sandoval, Dr. Mary Anderson & Dr. Heather Conrad-Webb (Chemistry & Biochemistry and Biology), "Subcloning of Y-glutamate Cysteine Synthetase into Expression Vector;"

Ms. Amber Thomas & Dr. Shanil Juma (Nutrition & Food Sciences), "Effect of Red Raspberry Polyphenols on Osteoclastogenesis;"

Ms. Wei Nee Yean & Dr. Shanil Juma (Nutrition & Food Sciences), "To Determine the Effects of Tart Cherry on Blood Lipid Markers and Inflammation Markers in Older Age Men and Women."


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