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The Undergraduate Research Microgrant Program is designed to facilitate research partnerships between undergraduate students and TWU faculty and follows the Council on Undergraduate Research's definition of “undergraduate research” as:  An inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original  intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline.  This definition includes all scholarly and creative activity appropriate to any discipline in the University. Awardees are currently-enrolled TWU undergraduates with a declared major and in good academic standing.  Mentors are TWU faculty who have shown success in mentoring undergraduate students and have an ongoing scholarly program.  Each successful student applicant received $2,000 in support of research efforts; the faculty mentors received $500 each to be used for expenses related to the student’s research. 

2013-2014 Awardees
  • Mr. Ivan Abrego & Dr. Nathaniel Mills (Biology), “Suppression of HMG CoA Reductase and Nuclear Factor kappa B Pathway in Human DU145 Prostate Carcinoma Cells;”
  • Ms. Brenda Barron & Dr. Camelia Maier (Biology), “Flower Structure and Reproduction Ecology of Summer Snapdragon, Angelonia angustifolia (Plantaginaceae);”
  • Ms. Jo Garza Contreras & Dr. DiAnna Hynds (Biology), “Interaction of WAVE1 with Mutated Arp3;”
  • Ms. Lorena Delgado & Dr. Manal Omary  (Chemistry & Biochemistry), “Design of Copper Containing Polymer LED Materials;”
  • Ms. Jessica Feyen & Dr. Mary Anderson (Chemistry & Biochemistry), “Role of H-loop Residues in Glutathione Synthetase Activity and in Forming a Yglutamylcysteine Phosphate Intermediate;”
  • Ms. Hannah Marshall & Dr. Nathaniel Mills (Biology), “RNA Preservation with Ammonium Sulfate;”
  • Mr. Giovanny Martinez & Dr. Lynda Uphouse (Biology), “Repeated Treatment with Estradiol Benzoate, Stress Reduction, and Role of Progesterone Receptors;”
  • Ms. Renet Roy & Dr. Laura Hanson (Biology), “Lipogenesis in MCMV Infected Cell;”
  • Mr. Komla Senagbe & Dr. DiAnna Hynds (Biology), “Analysis of Distribution of Neurexin and Neuroligin during Synapse Formation;”
  • Mr. Christian Solano & Dr. Lynda Uphouse (Biology), “A Novel Method for Measuring SSRI-induced Sexual Dysfunction;”
  • Mr. Gladwin Varghese & Dr. Camelia Maier (Biology), “Estrogenic Activity of Blueberry Fruit Extracts and Supplements.”

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