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Roberto P. Treviño, M.D.
Executive Director of the Social and Health Research Center 
San Antonio, Texas

Promotion of Social Justice though Research: My Personal Journey

Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm
ACT 301

Roberto P. Treviño received his MD from the National University of Mexico, Mexico City, and is the Executive Director of the Social and Health Research Center in San Antonio, Texas.  Dr. Treviño will discuss his background and life experiences growing up as child in public housing and later becoming a physician. He will explore how his journey led to his crusade for children's health and how students' experiences will impact their paths.

Dr. Treviño's keynote address will focus on research as a service to society and will address:

  • Equality, a basic human desire and human right
  • The nature of inequalities
    • environmental insult and ecological politics
    • gender inequalities (domestic violence and income variance)
    • skin color, ethnicity, national origin, and religious belief
    • social economic status and economic inequalities
    • access inequalities (education, healthcare)
    • food politics (schools and market place)

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