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Rene Paulson, Ph.D.
Senior Statistical Consulting Director
ACT 712
(940) 898-3379

  • Creates and evaluates statistical analysis plans and develops detailed standards and systems for quality research designs, analyses, consistency checks, and reporting. 
  • Communicates with and supports faculty in writing research proposals and preparing articles for publication based on the results of their research.
  • Creates workshops for training on statistical software programs, research design, statistics, research proposals, and other research-related topics, based on faculty needs.
  • Evaluates instrument development and psychometric testing.
  • Recommends statistical testing techniques appropriate for testing the research hypotheses.
  • Recommends appropriate power and sample sizes for valid research results based on critical review of the research project, connection of the statistical needs, and conceptual framework.
  • Evaluates statistical procedures on research proposals for accuracy and feasibility.
  • Designs statistical procedures on research proposals or projects to support the reporting of accurate results.
  • Evaluates and analyzes complex statistical data.
  • Evaluates and designs appropriate methodology, materials, and statistical plan prior to data collection.
  • Verifies the PIs interpretation of the statistical output is accurate mathematically and conceptually.

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