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Name: Sandra K. Cesario, RNC, PhD, FAAN
Title: Associate Professor and PhD Program Coordinator
Department: College of Nursing
Phone: 713-794-2110
Email address:
Description of research activities: Dr. Cesario is the PhD program coordinator in the College of Nursing on the Houston campus.  As a full member of the graduate faculty, she assists graduate nursing students in their research activities and grant or scholarship funding as they complete their dissertations, theses, and professional papers and projects.  She has also served as the Director of Research for the CON on the Houston campus. Her personal research interests and current areas of investigation include ovarian cancer, environmental design, second stage labor management, newborn abandonment, violence against women, and cultural aspects of childbearing and birth.
Keywords: Ovarian Cancer, Environmental Design, Second Stage Labor Management, Multiculturalism, Women’s Health

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