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Name: Sally D. Stabb, PhD
Title: Professor
Phone: 940-898-2149
Department: Psychology and Philosophy
Email address:
Description of research activities: Dr. Stabb's research interests include women's issues, especially women and emotion (particularly anger). She is also interested in couples, sexuality, infidelity, and attachment research. Dr. Stabb's third main area is diversity and multiculturalism. She uses both qualitative and quantitative methods. This year, Dr. Stabb has been working on a joint research team with 3 sexuality projects going; one qualitative on the meaning of sexuality, especially positive aspects, for women, one in which she wants to replicate her women, sex and anger study using men, and one on the development of sexuality in adolescents whose parents have AIDS. She would like to move into more diversity/multicultural areas and/or cross-cultural international areas, but do not yet have a real focus yet past that.  
Keywords: Gender, couples, multicultural, sexuality, emotion, women, diversity

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