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Supporting Disaster Preparedness in Texas
Dojin Ryu, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences, and Lisa Zottarelli, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology

Faith-based organizations play a critical role in disaster response in Texas and throughout the United States; however, many operate shelters without structured training, support, or coordination from country emergency officials or the Red Cross and may put their evacuees and volunteers at greater health and food safety risk.

TWU faculty Drs. Dojin Ryu (Nutrition & Food Sciences) and Lisa Zottarelli (Sociology & Social Work) collaborate with Dr. Junehee Kwon (Kansas State University's Department of Hospitality Management & Dietetics) on this multiyear grant funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The research team gathers information from recent hurricane responses and assesses food safety risks, enabling them to create and distribute educational materials to faith-based organizations to help prepare for future evacuation and sheltering needs.

View more information about Dr. Dojin Ryu and Dr. Lisa Zottarelli's research interests.

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