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Name: Richard D. Sheardy
Title: Professor and Chair
Department: Chemistry & Biochemistry
Phone: 940-898-2550
Email address:
Description of research activities:  Our research focuses on the conformational properties of nucleic acids:  conformation, conformational transitions, ligand binding, and the thermodynamics associated with conformation, conformational transitions and binding. We are primarily interested in how sequence context and environmental conditions influence these properties.  We use a variety of biophysical techniques such as UV/Vis and circular dichroism spectroscopies, differential scanning calorimetry and isothermal titration calorimetry. We are particularly interested in the interaction specificities of a new class of synthetic porphyrazines with DNA.  Preliminary results indicate that these compounds can bind to DNA through electrostatic and hydrophobic recognition.  The primary focus of this work is to determine any specificity in the binding with regards to DNA sequence and secondary structure.  We are also investigating the conformational properties of G-rich DNAs which form quadruplex structures.
Keywords: nucleic acids, thermodynamics, calorimetry

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