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Fiscal Year 2015 Awards:

Dr. Michael Bergel (Biology), “Testing the Calcium Hypothesis for Chromatin Compaction and DNA Protection following UV-Irradiation,” $8,000.  

Dr. Nancy DiMarco (Nutrition & Food Sciences), “Effect of an Iodine Supplement on Body Composition, Biomarkers of Thyroid Function, and Resting Metabolic Rate in Women 18 - 45 Years of Age,” $8,000.  

Dr. Peggy Blake Gleeson & Dr. Katy Mitchell (Physical Therapy - Houston), “Do the Perceptions of Physical Therapy Students Regarding the Level of Professionalism Exhibited by their Clinical Instructors Differ from the Self-Perceptions of the Clinical Instructors?” $6,414.  

Dr. DiAnna Hynds (Biology), “Rho GTPases in Cortical Neurons: Role of Membrane Localization,” $8,000.  

Dr. Nathaniel Mills (Biology), “Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha May Induce Leydig Cell Apoptosis with Ethylene Dimethane Sulfonate Treatment of Rats,” $8,000.  

Dr. Junalyn Navarra-Madsen (Mathematics & Computer Science), “Constructing a Visualization Tool to Describe the Locations of Mussel Population Broodstocks and Track Paths for Larval Dispersal, Transport, Settlement of Bivalves Surrounding the Philippine Archipelago,” $7,642.  

Dr. Manal Omary (Chemistry & Biochemistry), “Copper-based Organic Photovoltaics: From Material Design to Device Nanofabrication of Next-generation Organic Solar Cell Technology,” $8,000.  

Dr. Sheila Richey (Nursing - Houston), “Missed Nursing Care and Teamwork in Two Veterans Administration Medical Centers,” $7,435.   

Dr. Toni Roddey (Physical Therapy – Houston, “Identifying Functional Limitations and Development of an Injury Risk Profile in Endurance Athletes,” $7,832.  

Dr. Lynda Uphouse (Biology), “Intracellular Progesterone Receptors and the 5-HT1A Receptor,” $8,000.

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