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Name: Pushkala Raman, PhD
Title: Associate Professor
Department: School of Management
Phone: 940-898-2755
Email address:
Description of research activities: Currently, Dr. Raman is working on a series of projects investigating privacy. With an internal grant from Florida State University (FSU), she collected national data and have published one article and is working on data analysis for another article. She now wishes to seek funds from a national sponsor for a study on privacy strategy. Previously, she has received a grant for working on CRM from FSU. She used the seed money to get a grant from Teradata Center for CRM. The data collected from that study have been accepted for an article appearing in the October issue of the Journal of Marketing. Another article has already been published in the Journal of Customer Behaviour. Also, the data were used to get another grant from the University of North Texas. The PI is a faculty member at UNT. The data collection is underway for that project. She has published 2 articles with data collected from non-profit agencies. She would like to get involved in health communication issues.
Keywords: Privacy, customer relationship management, health communication, non-profit marketing

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