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Name: Linda Rubin
Title: Professor
Phone: 940-898-2314
Department: Psychology and Philosophy
Email address:
Description of research activities:  My research on traumatic stress responses to relational violence are directly tied to clinical diagnostic, assessment, and treatmentissues, with attention to meaningful individual differences and cultural influences.  My intention in this scholarship is to develop new, practical, conceptual models that capture the complexity of relational violence against women in order to guide clinical practice.  I co-authored and was funded for two substantive federal grants from the U. S. Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women, Campus Program  for five years.  The purpose of this grant funding is to sponsor the development of a university program designed to provide education, prevention, and direct counseling services to students who are victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. 
Keywords:  traumatic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, relational violence, family violence, sexual harassment

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