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Name: Linda Caldwell, PhD
Title: Professor
Phone: 940-898-2093
Department: Dance
Email address:
Description of research activities: Currently, Dr. Caldwell is interested in continuing her relationship with the Department of Performing and Screen Arts at Unitec University in Auckland, New Zealand.  After heading 5 student exchanges to Krakow, Poland while at the University of Wisconsin and University of Alabama, she has become very interested in how American dancers interact and thrive in new settings.  This past summer she made contacts with the department head at Unitec and they set up preliminary ideas about how an exchange could work between the two schools.  Now, all she needs are the funds to make it happen! The funds could be geared to specific students or to projects that involve the students. She is working on some ideas right now.
Keywords: Student exchanges, dance curriculum, dance ethnography and writing

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