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Name: Linda J. Brock, PhD
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Family Sciences
Phone: 940-898-2713
Email address:
Description of research activities: Dr. Brock is currently directing student research on the following topics: Older voluntarily childless couples, Asian Indian immigrant families, Never-married educated African American women, and Family therapy training about intimate partner violence. Previous research includes studies on sexual abstinence and female college students, sex education in families with a child diagnosed with autism or Down Syndrome, medical family therapy, intuition in marital partner selection, family therapy in school settings, couple experiences after a heart event, resilience in families with children diagnosed with autism, transsexuality and family,† family experiences of firemenís wives, the meaning of sexuality in the lives of adults over 60, how family systems are affected when a child is sexually abused by a priest, African American therapists who work with African American families from a strengths perspective, parent-child sexuality education in the home.
Keywords:†Family of origin, human sexuality, sexual orientation, sexuality and aging, family diversity, family process, family therapy, transgenerational issues, sexuality education.

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