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Name: Kathy DeOrnellas, PhD
Title: Assistant Professor, Director of the Master's in School Psychology Program
Phone: 940-898-2315
Department: Psychology & Philosophy
Email address:
Description of research activities: Dr. DeOrnellasís research focuses on individuals with Aspergerís disorder and high functioning autism. For the past three years, she and a team of students have collected data on the best practices for the psychological assessment of students with these developmental disorders. A number of theses, dissertations, poster presentations, and national conference presentations have been completed. In addition to working to publish the results of this research, Dr. DeOrnellas is now turning her focus to applying what has been learned to interventions with these children and adolescents, and their parents. Data will be continue to collected to determine the best practices for social, emotional, and behavioral interventions. .replbq{width:100%}
Keywords: Aspergerís Disorder, high functioning autism, psychological assessment, interventions

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