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Judi Moreillon, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor


School of Library and Information Studies



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Description of Research Activities: 
Dr. Moreillon's research agenda focuses on the instructional partnership role of school librarians. (Recent study: Two Heads Are Better than One: Influencing Preservice Classroom Teachers' Understanding and Practice of Classroom-Library Collaboration: She is most interested in the impact of job-embedded professional development (through classroom-library coteaching) on student achievement, educator improvement, educational reform, and teacher retention. Through evidence-based practice related to learner outcomes and a qualitative lens that includes case study interviews, she is interested in discovering what factors increase the positive benefits to K-12 educators of on-site, just-in-time professional development.

Additional interests: digital literacy, early and family literacy, storytelling, children's and young adult literature  

Key Words:  Classroom-Library Collaboration; Job-embedded Professional Development; Teacher Improvement and Retention; Educational Reform; Literacies

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