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It is the policy of TWU that all research conducted by any TWU faculty member, staff member, or student using human subjects must have prior approval from a TWU Institutional Review Board (IRB) before the research is initiated. The University operates under a Federalwide Project Assurance (#FWA00000178) and acknowledges and accepts responsibility for ensuring that the privacy, safety, health, and welfare of such subjects are adequately protected. The University has thus established an IRB for each site (Denton, Dallas, and Houston) to review and approve the adequacy of human subject protection. Each IRB is composed of faculty and staff from a variety of disciplines as well as community members and operates according to University Policy 1.15 Human Subjects in Research and Procedures.

TWU requires that project teams (including principal investigators, research assistants, major advisors, and staff) conducting research with human participants be required to successfully complete online training regarding the use of human subjects in research every three years.

Listed below are the necessary materials and information to submit an application and manage your active protocol. If you have any questions, please contact the IRB at (940) 898-3378 or e-mail for Denton and Dallas or (713) 794-2480 or email for Houston. See the levels of review below for approximate review times. Please note that the length of review may be longer during certain times of the academic year such as summer, semester breaks, and Holidays.

Navigating the IRB - Denton Campus October 2014 Workshop

Application Information and Materials

Active Protocol Information and Materials

Committee Membership and Meeting Information

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