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Name: Ho Soon Michelle Cho, PhD, RN
Title: Professor
Department: Nursing
Phone: 214-689-6532
Email address:
Description of research activities: Dr. Ho Soon Michelle Cho’s research interests focus on the impact of post surgical gowns and an educational program for postoperative care in mastectomy patients; effect of activity, body image, and comfort. Special emphasis is placed the Papilla Gown.  Drs. Cho and Jae Un Paek designed and patented the gown with objectives of making the post-mastectomy patient feel more comfortable and attractive, while facilitating movement and wound care. The gown provides good access to and support of the drainage system inconspicuous to others.  Slits for the drainage tubes can be opened and closed with Velcro to allow placement of the drainage reservoirs into supporting pockets. The front pockets are designed to securely hold drainage tube and fluid-collection devices and to minimize the likelihood of painful pulling of the drain tubing. 
Keywords: Breast cancer, The Papilla Gown, postoperative care, mastectomy, activity, body image, comfort 

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