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Name: Harriett A. Davidson, MA, OTR
Title: Associate Professor
Department: School of Occupational Therapy - Houston
Phone: 713-794-2112
Email address:
Description of research activities: Ms. Davidson's research activities involve working collaboratively or as a team member (not principle investigator).  Ongoing projects include: developing and refining the Community Adaptive Planning Assessment (for adults and for children), developing and refining the Occupational Wellness Assessment (OWA), studying aspects of hope in therapy (how therapists plan with clients and family members to make plans for the future, and how therapists sustain hope while working with clients with life-altering conditions).  She has joined nursing-OT teams involving (a) home health care workers' use of reminiscence with clients and (b) use of cultural group intervention in LTC facilities.  She is also investigating evidence (EPB) to guide OT intervention with persons with schizophrenia.
Keywords: hope, occupational wellness, collaborative planning, evidence based practice: schizophrenia, reminiscence/storytelling, cultural interventions

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