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Elizabeth Anne Young




College of Nursing - Houston



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Description of research activities: Research activities center in two major areas:  Educational Testing and End of Life issues. In terms of educational testing, I have served as the principal investigator on two studies examining the predictive validity of the Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) Exit Exam (E2) and its ability to predict nursing student passage of the NCLEX-RN, the licensure examination for registered nurses.  Additionally, I have supervised six dissertations examining attributes of the HESI E2.  End of life issues are a second area research interest involving studies on oncology nurses attitudes regarding assisted suicide, family presence during resuscitation, intensive care nurses experiences with end life care, and advance care planning.  

Keywords: Educational Testing, HESI Exit Examination, Predicting NCLEX Success, End of Life Care, Family Presence during Resuscitation, Advance Care Planning

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