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Name: Catherine Candler, OTR, PhD, BCP
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Occupational Therapy
Phone: 214-706-2350
Email address:
Description of research activities: Catherine Candler’s interest is in promoting action research among occupational therapy practitioners, specifically those who practice in public school systems. Through her own inquiry, work with thesis projects and as a partner with entrepreneurial clinicians Dr. Candler has explored a wide range of interventions including summer camp experience, oral motor rhymes and games, use of video to learn sign and shape drawing, noise canceling headphones, error based instruction for handwriting, and grip efficiencies. Dr. Candler has a keen interest in the day to day strategies utilized by occupational therapists and ensuring best practice.  Her current work involves intervention for non-proficient handwriting.
Keywords: Practice based evidence, School-based occupational therapy, Handwriting intervention

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