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Grades are received and processed by the Registrarís Office the week after graduation. Once grades are posted at the end of that week, they will be viewable through your Pioneer Portal under My Info. Select the Term you would like to view, and click submit. 

Grade Appeals 

If you feel there has been an error in your grading, please review the Grade Appeal Policy in the undergraduate or graduate catalog. Appeals must begin no later than 10 class days after the grade decision is made.


Honors are based on a studentís cumulative grade point average.

  • 3.9 - 4.00: Summa cum Laude
  • 3.7 - 3.89: Magna cum Laude
  • 3.5 - 3.69: Cum Laude

Honors as they pertain to graduation: students must have earned at least 30 hours of coursework at Texas Womanís University prior to applying for graduation to be eligible to graduate from Texas Woman's University with the distinction of having honors.

Grades of Incomplete

The grade of Incomplete (I) is given only when a student has passing grades in 2/3 of assigned work, but, because of extenuating circumstances, cannot complete all of the course work by the end of the semester.  Extenuating circumstances include (1) incapacitating illness which prevents a student from attending classes; (2) a death in the immediate family; (3) change in work schedule as required by an employer; or (4) other emergencies deemed appropriate by the instructor. A grade of Incomplete should not be requested, nor given, for lack of completion of work because of procrastination or dissatisfaction with the grade earned.

Once the appropriate work is completed, the instructor must submit to the Registrarís Office a completed change of grade form, signed by both the instructor and the chairperson of the department. If no grade change is submitted within 365 days of the grade of Incomplete being assigned, the default grade indicated above will be applied to the course.

Any exceptions to the regulations listed in the student catalog pertaining to grades of incomplete require the approval of the instructor, department chair and the dean or director of the academic unit in which the course was offered.

Faculty Grading Instructions 

Early Warning and Midterm Grading Instructions

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