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Mandatory FERPA Training for Faculty & Staff

TWU policy requires all faculty & staff with access to personally identifiable student educational records to complete the mandatory FERPA training.

The TWU FERPA training is available through Blackboard and is comprised of the following areas:

  1. FERPA training information
  2. FERPA Quiz (an educational quiz, not one to pass or fail)
  3. Acknowledgement Form
  4. Certificate of Completion

In order to be allowed access to protected student information, a faculty or staff member must complete all four areas of the FERPA training.

Accessing the training through Blackboard

  1. Login to Blackboard using your Pioneer Portal username and password.  If you are unable to access Blackboard, please contact IT Service Desk at 940-898-3971
  2. Click on the "Organizations" tab at the top.                          
  3. If you are a faculty or staff member with Colleague access prior to 5/1/2014, you should already see "FERPA" in your "My Organizations".  Click on it to proceed to the course (skip to item #5 below).
  4. If you do not see "FERPA" available, you can self-enroll in the course:
    1. Select Browse Organization Catalog.
    2. Enter the name FERPA in the search field.
    3. Hover over the FERPA Organization ID in the search results.  Open the drop down menu and select Enroll.
    4. Select Submit.  You will be taken directly to the training.
  5. The training module is in three parts:
    1. FERPA Training...informational slides concluding with a non-punitive, informational quiz
    2. Acknowledgement Form...user agrees to abide by TWU FERPA policy regarding the access and disclosure of any student record
    3. Certification of Completion...awarded once all of the training, quiz, and acknowledgement forms are completed.
  6. All of the training module must be completed before access to protected student information in Colleague, SQL reports, and G-media can be approved.

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