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Policy Name: Foreign Travel for Faculty
Policy No: 5.04
Date Passed: 08/24/2001
Last Reviewed: 11/28/2011
Review Next: November 2014

Foreign Travel for Faculty

"The TWU Board of Regents further delegates the authority to approve faculty foreign travel to the TWU Chancellor and President, or, if the Chancellor and President so designates, to the TWU Vice President for Finance and Administration."

Policy Statement

All requests to pay expenses for a trip to foreign countries, except Canada or Mexico, require the approval of the Provost at least 30 days prior to the departure date. All foreign travel requests approved by the Provost will be forwarded to the Office of the Chancellor for final approval by the Chair or Vice Chair of the TWU Board of Regents.

Note: The following statements are contained in a memorandum dated August 8, 2001 from John Opperman, Director of Budget and Planning, Office of the Governor of the State of Texas.

"Article IX, Sec. 5.09(i) of the General Appropriations Act, 77th Session, was amended to delete the requirement that the Office of the Governor approve certain foreign travel. Sec. 5.09(i) now requires boards and commissions of state agencies to approve foreign travel to countries other than Canada or Mexico. Your board should implement rules for handling approval of foreign travel requests beginning September 1, 2001 and prepare an annual report on these requests as required by Sec. 5.09(i)."

Office of the Provost
August 23, 2001

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