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Minutes of the Telephone Conference Call Meeting of July 11, 2008

The July 11, 2008 meeting of the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents was called to order by its Chair at the appointed time and place. The Chair, Mr. Harry Crumpacker, and Regents Dr. William Fleming, Mr. Mike McCullough, Dr. Cecilia Moreno, Ms. Tegwin Pulley, Dr. Lou Rodenberger, and Ms. Sharon Venable were present, constituting a quorum.

The Secretary to the Board, Mr. Lawhon, began with the following: I am John Lawhon, Secretary to the Board. The date is July 11, 2008 and the time is 8:15 a.m. This is a special called telephone conference call meeting of the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents, immediate action being required and the convening at one location of a quorum of the governing board being difficult. The meeting is being held at the 16th Floor of the ACT building at TWU, the location where meetings of the governing board are normally held. This conference call is being recorded in the Board of Regents Room in Denton, as required by state law. Therefore, will each participant please identify yourself early in your remarks so that the record will reflect who is speaking. We will call the roll at this time to determine who is present on the telephone: Responding that they were present were Regents Crumpacker, Pulley, Fleming, McCullough, Moreno, Rodenberger, and Venable.

Regent Crumpacker said, “ I call the Board of Regents meeting to order and note that a quorum is present. I will call on Mr. Lawhon to brief the Regents on today’s business.”

Mr. Lawhon responded: “The motion to be considered today is to approve the Third Supplemental Resolution to the Master Resolution authorizing the issuance, sale, and delivery of Board of Regents of Texas Woman’s University Revenue Financing System Bonds, Series 2008; and approving and authorizing instruments and procedures relating thereto (Exhibit 1) and to appoint the Vice President for Finance and Administration at Texas Woman’s University as the authorized representative referred to in Section 3 and elsewhere in said Resolution.” Mr. Crumpacker asked, “Do I hear a motion to approve and second?” After a motion to approve was made by Regent Rodenberger and seconded by Regent Venable, the Chair said, “Is there any discussion?” There being none, he said, “All in favor say “aye” upon which all Regents said “aye,” after which the Chair said, “All opposed say ‘no’, upon which no Regents said “no.” The Chair announced that the motion passes.

The Chair then thanked the Regents for their participation. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.  

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